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Meet the Collaborators

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Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp (she/her) (MFA, CLMA) is a dance artist, educator, filmmaker, and activist.  A transplant to Rochester, she has carved her space in the community while making work with electricGrit dance.  Rose’s creative interests lie in integrating dance, theater, design, and media while her artistic research centers around collaboration across disciplines. Her choreographic work with inFluxdance and SirensProof Films has been featured internationally for the past 14 years and continues to flourish with electricGrit dance. She has been selected for multiple residencies and performance projects across the country. Most recently, she was selected as the recipient of the 2020 Western NY Choreographers’ Initiative Award, sponsored by NYS Dance Force. Rose is co-founder of Artists Coalition for Change Together (ACCT), an organization founded in 2016 as a way to engage dancer-citizens in Rochester and beyond.  In 2017 & 2021, she received  grants from the Rochester Center for Community Leadership to spearhead initiatives using dance to foster collaborative relationships across various communities. Since then, her work as a community-engaged educator and artist has deepened. She teaches with a focus on the dancer-citizen and creates with an emphasis on community engagement. Rose continues to perform and present her creative research internationally with a focus on dance as an agent of change. Currently, she is exploring metaphor as it relates to socio-political art making and bodies of resistance.  She is an Associate Professor at the University of Rochester in the Program of Dance and Movement.

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Andrea A. Gluckman (she/her) (MTS) is the founder of Aspexi Images, an initiative focused on the power of photography to document, witness, and educate.  She has worked as a diplomatic advisor, professor, and writer at Harvard University, the University of the Middle East, and the University of Rochester.  In addition to teaching classes on foreign policy, religion, and restorative justice, she is working on documenting racial violence and land theft in the south.  Her work has been recognized by and exhibited in Photographer's Forum, World Organization of Photography Awards, the International Photography Awards, the Chania International Photo Festival, Blank Wall Gallery, the Motif Collective, Black Box Gallery, Camelback Gallery, Praxis Gallery, and has had her work exhibited internationally in Greece, Brazil, Italy, Slovenia, Romaina, Bulgaria, Denmark, and France.  She currently serves as the Artist-in-Residence for the Elaine Museum and Richard Wright Civil Rights Center.  Originally from Arkansas, she has adopted Rochester as her family home.

Trish Corcoran


Trish Corcoran (she/her)(Tonawanda Onondowaga, Bear Clan) is a mother of two and one generation removed from Indian Boarding School. She is a member of the Tonawanda Onondowaga and is a kindergarten teacher at The Harley School, serving on their Diversity and Sustainability Committees. Previously she ran the hybrid program, taught Summer Learning Connections classes and has subbed throughout the school. Trish has been very involved with Parent Council at The Harley School and also done costume and prop design for theater. She has Montessori training and a BFA from RIT. In the past Trish has been a professional ice hockey coach and trainer, from beginners to Olympians and NHL. She is a naturalist and steward of the Harley Pollinator Garden, while also consulting on native plantings for their Wildwood. Trish is currently a member of the Indigenous People's Day Committee, Tonawanda Historical Society and Seventh Generation Land Defenders.

Stella Wang

A multilingual writer and translator, Stella (she/her) teaches a range of first-year writing courses at the University of Rochester. For the Writing Studies minor, she offers an interdisciplinary translation course where students experiment with different types of translation from academic translation to audiovisual translation (AVT), zero in on the distinct challenges in interpreting across languages and cultures, and apply their learning to a culminating para-professional community-engaged transcreation project. See course-related websites: Code-Meshing Pedagogy: Encouraging the Expression of Identity in Writing, Speaking, and Arguing and Authentically Urban, Virtually Global: Southwest Rochester.

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Greg Woodsbie

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Greg Woodsbie (he/him) is a wide ranging pianist and percussionist with a highly attuned sense of story and ritual, and backgrounds in jazz, classical, and Cuban music, among others. Before joining SUNY Brockport as their full time staff musician, he was a sought after freelance dance accompanist and church musician in the Boston/Providence area. He has been a class pianist for the Boston Ballet company, and has performed with Bill Evans, Shura Baryshnikov, and Kristina Berger, and played masterclasses for Carolyn Adams, Stephen Rooks, Sydney Skybetter, and Heidi Henderson. He holds a degree in Piano Performance with a Jazz emphasis from Lawrence University. Primary teachers include Fred Sturm and Stephen Massey.

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